Meet some of our ponies



Bear Necesity (Bear) Registered Welsh A Gelding (Grey) 11.3 hands high, (2004)

An ideal beginner’s pony, Bear is never in a hurry. He has a kind nature and would rather climb the stairs to the house than graze in a paddock. Bear has done pony club, sporting, dressage, trail riding, cross country and jumping with very young children.


Lancelot (Lance) Registered Welsh B Gelding (chestnut/taffy) 12.3 hands high, (2004)

Lance is an ideal pony for riders progressing through from beginner level to advanced. He is a willing pony and nothing phases him, he is an excellent pony for children learning to ride and is suited to both nervous and confident riders. Lance has been sucessful in pony club, showing, jumping, dressage, trails and more, with young and inexperienced riders.


Apple Registered Part-welsh, 11 hands high, (2005)

Beginners to intermediates will enjoy Apple’s even paces and sweet nature. He is a polite pony who can carry a beginner around a cross country course and back without fuss. He is easy going, loveable and is a great first pony. He has dony pony club, trails, mounted games ect. He provides a fun and easy ride and all who ride him fall in love with him.


Bennett (Bennie) Registered Part-Welsh (Grey) 10.3 hands high, (2007)

Bennett is a free moving little guy who tries really hard to please. He would travel willingly all day even if the riders feet were on the ground.
He is a cute and loveablable pony who tries his best at everything. He has done pony club, trails, jumping etc. and is particularly good at mounted games and sporting.


Morgana (Molly) Registered Welsh B mare (Grey) 12.1 hands high, (2006)

Molly is a forward moving and honest pony who is content to stay at a walk or ready to move into faster gaits as requested. She is a suitable pony for more confident riders and has completed pony club, done trails, sporting, jumping, dressage and more.


Delilah Registered Part-welsh, eligible stud book pony (black/brown) 11.1 hands high, (2004)

Delilah is a sweet natured pony who is responsive and willing she has done pony club, shows, dressage, jumping etc. with young riders. She is a very pretty pony with a genuine wish to please.


Lass Riding Pony Flea Bitten Grey Mare 13.2 hands high, (1999)

Lass is a well educated and delightfully natured pony who will take a first time beginner around a cross country course or on a trail or is just as happy with an advanced rider in a jumping competition.

possyPozieres (Poz) Registered Part Welsh Mare part Percheron (Grey) 14.3 hands high, (2008)

Pozieres is a percheron welsh cross. She is calm, quiet and strong and loves to trail ride or cross country. Possie is suited to a capable rider. She is a talented and enthusiastic jumper.

reason“Reason” or Hills and Hollows Raison dEtre Registered Part Welsh/Warmblood Mare (Black) 13.1 hands high, (2010)

Raison is an agile and athletic young mare who has done pony club, jumping, dressage, sporting etc. she is talented and is a fun yet challenging ride, she is suited to confident and more advanced riders.


“Reuben or Hills and Hollows Rubin Registered Part Welsh/Warmblood Gelding (Chestnut) 13.2 hands high, (2010) 

Rubin is a comfortable and responsive young gelding. He is energetic with big movememnt and loves to jump and trail ride.

lynlea“Lynlea” or Hills and Hollows LynLea Registered Part Welsh/Warmblood Mare (Grey) 13.2 hands high, (2010) 

Lynlea is a pleasant ride. She is calm in the lead taking a trail out or happy to follow her way around a jumping or obstacle course.

sunny“Sunny” or Hills and Hollows Sunshine & Rain Registered Welsh mare (Bay) 11.1 hands high, (2008)

Sunny is a pretty little pony who is quite free moving and very willing to please.

eva“Eva” or Hills and Hollows Eva Registered Welsh mare (Grey) 11.3 hands high, (2007)

Eva is a fun pony to ride who is always looking to please her rider. She is a free moving pony who is happy to follow her way along a trail or obstacle course.






 “Raz” or Hills and Hollows Razzama Tazz Registered Part Welsh/Warmblood mare (Flea Bitten Grey) 13.2 hands high, (2010)

Raz is an energetic pony who is better suited to confident riders. Raz is a friendly and pleasant pony who is always looking to please whether it be in flatwork, jumping or a trail ride.




“Milly” or Hills and Hollows Milly Part Welsh mare (Bay) 12.3 hands high, (2012)

Milly is fun pony to ride who loves to jump. Milly is always trying her hardest to please her rider. She is always very energetic and enthusiastic in whatever she does. Milly is more suited to advanced and confident riders.