A bit about us and our programs

leah jump slideshowHere at Hills and Hollows we are dedicated to providing families with a safe and professional environment for riding and horsemanship. We offer graded levels of instruction and supervised riding for ages 6 years old and up. Our focus is the under 16 yrs age group although we meet a wide range of rider types from new beginner through to advanced riders and cater for adult lessons as well as the usual classes for children.

Our well bred and cared for horses and ponies, and our high standards of safety and excellent facilities, help to improve your enjoyment during each visit.

As well as offering riding, at Hills and Hollows, we offer a horse partnership and hope to see a special bond develop between our ponies and the share-pony families. We like to see our riders take control and grow in their courage and horsemanship bond.

We adopt a positive reinforcement approach to coaching and recognise rider achievement for each riding level. We also offer students the opportunity to take part in our mini gymkhanas to test web big girls slideshow #their skill against their personal best performances or they may compete at local shows if appropriately skilled in handling and riding.

For riders interested in further developing their skills and training, we provide group and private lessons. We cater for personal growth and development in every rider and cater for special needs, where appropriate, with the assistance of a therapist or life skills coach.


Fully enclosed sand arena 20X20,

Fully enclosed post and rail sand arena 35×65

Fully enclosed post and rail grass arena 20 x 60

Jumping area – 50 x 90

Washroom catering for persons with physical disability

Trails, mini cross country obstacle course, holding yards and stables.

Riders must be familiar with our policies and conditions. Our term fees and missed lessons policy are available on request. Comprehensive insurance is maintained but all riders are encouraged to hold EA Membership.

web class slideshowWe offer:

Reguler term group lessons. This program aims to offer children the experience of pony ownership in an environment that is safe and supportive. Aims of this program are:
To develop riding skills and learn to undertake pony ownership responsibilities such as grooming, tacking up and general care activities.

Holiday Riding. Riding sessions are 1hr and commence with instruction while on route before taking  trails and fun obstacle courses as appropriate. School holiday programs vary with the seasons.

Riding camps

Regular half day or full day camps are offered to our riders – during Covid-19 half day only

Therapy, Special Needs and Personal Development Plan. In our personal development plans, equine assisted therapy offers an effective therapeutic approach for individuals and groups.

Hills and Hollows has been a registered Welsh Pony Stud since the early 2000’s and has been teaching children to ride for over 10 years. We have faced many trials and tribulations in that time. We thank God for our wonderful support base of family & friends, workers, our volunteers, woofers & guests, horses & ponies, broodmares & stallions, not to mention everyone and everything else. Each year our Hills and Hollows family grows and helps make us what we are.